Management Liability Insurance For Non-Profit Organization  

Offered by Marsh Canada

Protect Yourself And Your Organization

Victor has been a leading provider of management liability coverage in Canada-on both a primary and excess basis-for over 35 years. With our Directors & Officers insurance policy for non-profit organizations, insureds can be certain that their personal exposures and those of their business are well protected.

What are the Coverage Agreements

  • Clear insuring agreements for D&O, EPL, fiduciaryand ODL
  • Full entity coverage
  • Clear "pay on behalf of" language
  • Insurer has the right and duty to defend

Why Buy This Product

Directors and officers of non-profit organizations carry significant risk to their personal assets in the event of the organization's bankruptcy or insolvency. These organizations along with their directors, officers, employees and volunteers may be the subject of numerous other types of claims that can incur significant defence costs over several years. It is important to remember that a lawsuit doesn't need to have merit to have a financial impact.  

A broad policy form that encompasses liability coverage for directors and officers (D&0), employment practices (EPL) fiduciary and outside directorship (ODL)is a core component of non-profit organization's risk management program. It can protect the organization and individuals against a variety of tortious allegations from generat negligence to misrepresentation defamation, wrongtur termination, discrimination, harassment, non disclosure, as well as statutory liabilities under human rights, enviromental, and occupational health and sately legislation, for example.

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  • Final non-appealable adjudication language in conduct exclusions
  • Available extensions for public relations management costs and workplace violence costs
  • Three-year policy term option with annual aggregate limits
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage exclusion with carve-outs
  • Broad pollution defence for insured persons
  • Affirmative coverage for bankruptcy related statutory liabilities


  • Directors and officers liability
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Worldwide jurisdiction
  • Employment practices liability            
  • Non-profit outside directorship liability
  • Limits up to $15 million
Marsh Canada
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Through Marsh Canada, CSAE members have access to an exclusive directors and officers liability insurance program, specifically designed to meet the needs of association executives. In addition, we offer office package insurance to cover your premises and liability exposures, and event cancellation insurance.

Marsh Canada
Commercial Office Insurance Package

The Commercial Office Package is designed to protect the office exposure of your organization. The policy consists of coverages including property, general liability, money and securities, and employee dishonesty.

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