Directors and Officers Insurance

Protect yourself and your organization from liability arising from your association's operations with CSAE Directors and Officers Insurance.
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Why Buy D&O Coverage?

Directors and officers of non-profit organizatios carry significant risk to their personal assets in the event of an organizational bankruptcy or insolvency. Organizations long with their directors, officers, employees and volunteers may be subject to numerous other types of claims that can incur significant defence costs over several years. It is important to remember that a lawsuit doesn't need to have merit to have a financial impact. 

Directors and Officers Liability

The CSAE Insurance Directors and Officers Insurance for Non for profit Insurance has coverage limits up to $15 Million. 

Fiduciary Liability

The program provides fiduciary liability coverage on a world wide jurisdiction.  

Employment Practices Liability

Full entity coverage and clear "pay on behalf of" langage.

What is Covered Under the CSAE Directors and Officers Liability Policy?

As elected directors and officers, your board members are responsible for the internal management of your association. As such, you may be exposed to personal liability when mismanagement occurs.

Insured Persons — Policy covers any persons who were or are directors, officers, employees, volunteers, trustees, and any duly constituted committees of the corporation.

Scope of Coverage —
Broad definition of wrongful act, penal defense cover. Coverage extended to outside directorship liability when serving as a director of an outside entity.

Employment Practices Liability — Provides protection for claims arising against you from your employees or former employees caused by allegations such as wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment.

Security and Privacy Liability ($250,000) — Protects the organization against third party cyber liability exposures: Network Security Liability, Privacy Liability, Electronic Media Liability 

Please contact us for policy coverage details and more information about the CSAE D&O Policy. 

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Protect yourself and your organization from liability arising from your association's operations with CSAE Directors and Officers Insurance.

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