Cold Weather 
Slip and Fall Pervention 

Best Practices Can Protect Your Organization

In the late fall, winter, and early spring seasons in most parts of Canada, it is important to be mindful of the potential for staff and visitors to slip and fall while on your property.

A slip and fall can result in serious injuries, particularly amongst the elderly, where these accidents often result in fractures. Injuries suffered by the elderly can be slow to heal, and often, recovery is not complete. This leaves the person more vulnerable than they were prior to the fall. Such vulnerability can be emotionally devastating to the victim and can impact not only the injured party, but their immediate family and other members of the community as well. There are legal obligations that flow to the management of the organization. In Ontario, for example, under the “Occupier’s Liability Act”, the onus is placed on the property owner to ensure safe conditions for visitors to the property. Similar legislation exists in many other Canadian provinces. If someone is injured in a slip and fall, you must be prepared to demonstrate that an appropriate standard of care was provided. The following criteria are generally applied :

  • No Coding Whether the danger was foreseeable
  • Whether the occupier’s conduct was in accordance with acceptable standards
  • Whether there was an adequate system of inspection in place and being carried out
  • Whether the danger was allowed to exist for an unreasonable amount of time
  • The ease with which the danger could have been prevented

So, what can you do to reasonably protect staff
and visitors during the winter months

Instituting and following a Snow and Ice Clearing Program will 
go a long way to reducing the risk of slips and falls
on your property.

Tips to Help Keep Your Property Safe

  • Parking areas, walkways and entrances  (outside and inside) should be well lit. This allows anyone walking to observe the conditions ahead.
  • Ensure that contractors and staff understand  the necessity to monitor the weather conditions and adjust how frequently they check the property.
  • Check stairs for loose or worn treads. Keep handrails in good condition and free of ice. If deficiencies are found, repair them as soon as practical. If repairs are not possible, restrict the access to that entrance.  
  • If the floors do become wet, mop them dry.  Place a caution sign in the immediate area to indicate that the floor is wet and to alert visitors to watch their step. Check the condition of the floors, during times of heavy use.             
  • Watch for the formation of frost during late fall or early spring, as frost can also create slippery conditions.
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